GC Magazine
November 2019

The Best Contractors in the United States


Renovating or remodeling a home is considered one of the most challenging aspects of construction. Renovations entail a lot of activities for both the builder and the homeowner, from subtle changes like improving the aesthetics and layout of the existing building or house to drastic alterations such as retrofits and build-outs.

In studies done by the American Housing Survey and the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, the home remodeling market was estimated to be worth nearly $400 billion dollars in 2018.

This number is steadily growing every year, due in part to its practical, ongoing need, and for the fact that remodeling is a great way to increase one’s property value.

With an industry as big as this, rounding up the best general contractors in the country is a daunting task. We started with industry leaders from all over the United States, then selected and ranked them based on their awards, achievements, and press recognition, as well as reviews from clientele.

This robust list of 25 contractors is filled with professionals ready to update your home through innovative design and progressive building techniques.

If you are looking for a general contractor for a project, we recommend checking each contractor’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors.

Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

Old Greenwich Builders is one of the top contractors in Colorado that builds grand custom homes and large-scale remodels.

Its extensive portfolio encompasses modern, contemporary, classical, and vintage styles created using green and eco-friendly techniques. It’s partnerships with top architecture firms and a vast network of subcontractors make Old Greenwich Builders fit for any type and size of construction.

The company has won various prestigious awards, including Custom and Remodeling Excellence or CAREs from the HBA Metro Denver Chapter, Architects’ Choice Awards from the AIA, and Robert and Judi Newman awards from the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA).

The project featured in the selected photo won an AIA Architects’ Choice Award in 2014 and a Certificate of Merit from the ICAA. The firm renovated this beautiful Colonial home by updating its kitchen and living room with modern amenities and furniture while maintaining its vintage charm.